Post Surgery

ARP Wave Post-Surgery Neuro Therapy Program 

This program begins right after you leave the recovery room and ends 6 weeks later. This program will address the NEUROLOGICAL ORIGIN of the need for surgery. It will quickly ELIMINATE SWELLING and you will quickly REGAIN RANGE OF MOTION (ROM) and recover from the surgery 70-90% FASTER by using it independently or in conjunction with the physical therapy prescribed by your doctor.

You will begin the ARPWave Neuro Therapy Post Surgery program as soon as you leave the hospital. You will take our proprietary equipment HOME with you for 30/60 days. You will receive our patented neurotherapy EVERY DAY AT HOME for 10 hours (this takes into account sleeping with it). We will conduct the treatments over Skype by one of your trained staff members, hand holding you every step of the way and dramatically accelerating the healing process.

After this initial stage, you will continue with the neuromuscular therapy either at home or in one our Neuro Performance Rehab Clinics, for 20 sessions. 

The cost of this program is ONLY $2200 for the first 30 days in-home neuro treatment and $1750 for the second month. You can pre-pay the 2 months and save $400 ($3550 Total for the 2 months). If you wish to keep the device after the initial 2 months (to keep working on neuro strength) it’s only $1000 per month. You want to get back from surgery 70-90% FASTER than traditional therapy and be stronger and faster than before the surgery/injury, this program is for you. A program the world’s top pro athletes trust their multi-million dollar careers to.

Former Stanley Cup Champion and Stanley Cup MVP, TIM THOMAS thanks the ARP Wave at the end of his acceptance speech for the Vezina Trophy (Best Goalie in Hockey) for saving his career POST SURGERY! Was supposed to be out 12-16 weeks…was back in 4 weeks.

This program eliminates the historical post surgery problems of post-surgery such as atrophy, pain, and compensation patterns by neurologically reeducating all muscles needed to absorb force. 

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The Next Step is

Follow the link above and pay the invoice, then fill out the ARPWave Post Surgery Agreement and the Medical Questionnaire and send it to

Once we have all the paperwork from you, we’ll ship you a device and we’ll contact you to coordinate your first session via Skype, FaceTime or Google Hangouts.

Shipment TimeFrames:

  • For orders placed Monday -Friday BEFORE 6:59 PM EST, the device ships the following business day (except Saturdays)
  • For orders placed AFTER 7 PM EST, the device ships 2 business days after
  • Weekend orders will count as a Monday order and will ship on Tuesday

Shipment Options:

  • Overnight: $200
  • Overnight with Saturday Delivery: $250
  • 2 Day Ground: $100
  • 3 Day Ground: $50