In Home ARP Wave Treatment: $2,500

Includes DEVICE for 30 days

  • ARP Wave Trainer Device for 30 days, including Overnight Shipping and Handling TO you

ARP Wave Rehab and Pain Elimination, (Initial 10 Sessions):

  • 10 Treatments with ARP Wave Therapy, utilizing the ARP Wave Trainer and ARP Wave Protocols: Done ONLINE (via Skype, FaceTime or Google Hangouts) with one of our ARP Wave Therapists. All you need is a computer with a camera and internet, and somebody to assist the patient. We tell you exactly what to do.
  • Identification of Source of Injury with Proprietary Search and Destroy ARP Wave Technology
  • 6 sessions changing the compensation patters neurologically
  • The ability to SLEEP with the device for 30 days, to re-enforce the therapy done during the day

ARP Wave Strength Training, 10 Sessions:

  • 10 ARP Wave therapy treatments to be used after rehabilitation to strengthen area of injury and to avoid re-occurrence
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ARP Wave Post Surgery Program

1st Month: $2200. Includes:

  • Accelerated Comfort Program (immediately after surgery) (3 to 14 days, aprox, depending on the person)
  • Accelerated Recovery Program: Stage 1 Neuro Therapy (14 days, aprox) (to be done after Stage 1 is completed)
  • Stage 2 Neuro Therapy Training (7 days, 1st part) (this will be done only if stage 1 and 2 are completed)
  • 1 set of sticky pads.
  • Skype Sessions with one of our ARPWave Therapists plus phone support

2nd Month: $1750 (To Be paid 30 days after the 1st payment). Includes:

  • Stage 2 Neuro Therapy Training (7 days, 2nd part)
  • ARP Wave Neurological Strength Training (14 days)
  • 1 set of sticky pads.
  • Skype Sessions with one of our ARP Wave Therapists plus phone support

Option 2) Pre Pay 2 months in Full and save $400: ONLY $3550!

– Inlcudes all the above, 60 days therapy at home on the ARP Wave to speed your recovery post surgery.

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Payment Options

We accept: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Checks, Cash.

We do NOT take insurance. We do NOT bill insurance. 

Since the Therapy is done using a Type 2 Medical Device which is FDA approved, the therapy CAN be paid with an Health Savings Account (HSA)

Email us to or call us at 929-ARP-Wave (929-277-9283)

We work with DOCTORS around the country. Email us to see if there is a location near you offering the ARP Wave System.

OR: Refer your doctor to us to offer ARP WAve in their practice!