ACL Surgery Recovery

Rapid “In Home” ACL Surgery Recovery Program


At Neuro Performance Rehab, our post-surgery ACL Recovery Program can have you back on the field or court in 18 weeks or less.  That’s a fact. This is done from the comfort of  YOUR HOME.

Using the ARP Wave System to Rehab an ACL tear

How is that possible? Simple. Injuries in the body are a NEUROLOGICAL function NOT a physiological function and if you treat an injury or surgery rehab from a neurological stand point, then your recovery time is vastly accelerated with far better results. However, in traditional post-ACL surgery every physical therapist and athletic trainer on the planet is going to tell you 10-12 months because they will be treating the physiological component of the where the problem ENDED up, and this rehab will do absolutely NOTHING for where the ACL tear originated from. Until the ORIGIN of where the ACL tear originated from is treated, than absolutely no amount of rest, ice, stim, physical therapy or strength training in the world is going give you long term results. And it certainly is not going to get you back in an expedited time frame. That’s where we come in.

ARP Wave RX100

ARP Wave RX100 Device

After your ACL surgery, you will begin our Rapid “In Home” ACL Surgery Recovery Program. The first part will encompass 60 days of ARP Wave Post Surgery Therapy where you will sleep with the device 8 to 9 hours a night and conduct proprietary exercise protocols 1 to 2 hours daily, via Skype with one of our trained staff. EVERYTHING we do is in line with your surgeons program and we will NEVER deviate from that. What we do simply accelerates the healing process on a level traditional therapy cannot emulate because we are sending blood to the repaired tissue while neurologically strengthening the surrounding muscles.  All of this comes out to 10+ hours of therapy daily as opposed to 3-4 hours a week of traditional Physical Therapy. 10+ hours of neurological ARP Wave therapy that is constantly sending blood flow to the repaired tissue while simultaneously strengthening the surrounding area neurologically. Which program do you think will heal you quicker and get you FASTER RESULTS? 10 hours a day with Neurological Therapy  doing proprietary exercises and increased blood flow with our patented technology; or 3-4 hours a week of traditional Physical Therapy? Pretty obvious.




During this time frame, your muscles will be contracting at 500 times per second neurologically, flushing blood to the repaired tissue and vastly increasing the healing process while simultaneously strengthening the surrounding muscles and ELIMINATING atrophy (see our ACL Post Surgery Recovery Study). There is no other form of ACL recovery therapy that can ELIMINATE atrophy post-surgery, except ours. Think about it; the number one fear post ACL surgery for doctors and patients is atrophy and decreased strength. With the ARP Wave System we not only ELIMINATE atrophy, but per our recent study we PROMOTE HYPERTROPHY and actually STRENGTHEN the muscle simultaneously. No other therapy can replicate this and a reason our athletes get back 70-90% FASTER than all other therapy and more importantly are stronger than they were before the surgery.


MMA fighter AUDREY DREW 16 weeks post ACL Surgery after using our program


After the 60 day post-surgery in home therapy program, you will go into our 20 session Neuro-Therapy Program where we will identify the ORIGIN of the ACL tear (it is never, ever, ever where it ended up), treat it, strengthen it, and have you back on the court or field at 100%. Why? Because we treated the CAUSE of the injury which was neurological in nature, NOT physiological.

 NOTE: Regardless of where you live, we can treat you via our Rapid ACL Recovery “In Home” Program


FAQ’s On The Rapid In Home ACL Surgery Recovery Program

How are you able to get me back in 18 weeks or less as opposed to 10-12 months doing traditional physical therapy?

During the first 30 days, you are sleeping with the ARP on background as we are sending blood to the repaired tissue and DRAMATICALLY accelerating the healing process while neurologically strengthening the surrounding muscles.  In NO WAY, SHAPE OR FORM is this detrimental to the graft. As a matter of fact it elevates the healing process.  You see, the muscle contracts at 2X per second. When you are on the ARP it is contracting neurologically at 500x per second,  This constant blood flow and strengthening of the neurological origin allows for the region of the tear to heal at an accelerated pace as opposed to sitting in brace with limited blow flow and NO neurological strengthening.  At the end of the 1st week you will see a huge change in range of motion and zero pain or swelling. By the end of the 30 days, you will have movement and progression that will be 60%+ faster than traditional rehab and this program will accelerate the rehab program prescribed by your doctor. Once we end month 2 you will go through our 20 session Neuro Rehab Program (used by all of our elite athletes) where we will locate the ORIGIN of what CAUSED THE ACL TEAR, eliminate the pockets of scar tissue/neurological disconnects that did not allow the appropriate muscles to neurologically turn on fast enough to absorb the force that caused the tear and by session 20 you will be ready to pass any test given to you by your surgeon.


What will my strength be after finishing your ACL Recovery Program?

The best way to answer that question is with this analogy. Imagine having a Ferrari with absolutely no shocks, how much damage would that do to that car? What good is having a Ferrari if you have no shocks, because you will just end up ruining it at some point, correct? Well, with traditional ACL rehab, that’s the scenario that will happen. Your muscles are shock absorbers and if they are not turning on fast enough to absorb that shock or hit on the field guess what? That force is sent to areas of the body not meant to absorb force, such as your knee, causing the ACL tear. THIS IS A NEUROLOGICAL ISSUE, and until that muscle is treated neurologically to turn on fast enough to absorb force, than all the ACL surgeries and rehab in the world will not fix it. You will have a brand new Ferrari (new ACL) operating with no shock absorbers. How long until you think you reinjure that ACL? Strength, size and speed mean absolutely NOTHING if the muscle(s) protecting the ACL cannot turn on fast enough to handle the force going in. That’s a NEUROLOGICAL function, NOT a physical one, and thus MUST be rehabbed from a neurological stand point.

With our patented and proprietary ARP Wave System, we are going to find the neurological origin of the ACL tear, break up the scar tissue that is hindering it from turning on fast enough to absorb force, strengthen it through our proprietary protocols, and leave you with an ACL protected by muscles that will now turn on fast enough neurologically to absorb even the most violent of hits or force. No other form of therapy can neurologically accomplish this except our RAPID  ACL Recovery Program. None.


Freddie Poole (Sylvester Stallone’s stuntman and part of 60+ action films) came to us 1 week post ACL Surgery. After only 4.5 weeks he had FULL RANGE OF MOTION, no pain, no swelling and was told by his surgeon to be 50% ahead of typical ACL rehab schedule.  

How can I have active moment so soon after ACL surgery?

Remember, we are taking the force OUT of the ACL region and transferring it into the muscles meant to absorb the force. We are able to do this by simply locating the ORIGIN of the ACL tear with our ARP Wave device, than neurologically put the muscle into ECCENTRIC CONTRACTION (lengthen) with our patented waveform, and when this occurs the force into the ACL is eliminated and transferred back into the shock absorbers or muscles if you will. At this point, we are able to treat you WITH ACTIVE MOVEMENT while simultaneously strengthening the muscle and sending blood to the repaired tissue.  The key here is that we are allowing the origin of the symptom (the supporting muscle) to go into eccentric contraction and LENGTHEN, taking the force away from the ACL while we treat with active movement. The more we do this, the more we break down that negative charge (scar tissue) until it is dissapated.  At that point the signal from the brain to turn that muscle on is NOT IMPEDED which means it can fire rapidly and absorb force that otherwise would have gone to the ACL.


How does a typical ACL tear occur and how will your rehab prevent it from happening again?

EXAMPLE: Adrian Peterson. Probably the best built athlete in the NFL, but that didn’t prevent him from going down with a season ending ACL tear. The fact that the appropriate muscles did NOT turn on fast enough to absorb that hit caused the injury. It was NEUROLOGICAL, NOT PHYSIOLOGICAL. When Adrian endured that hit to his knee his quad, VMO, and calf all went into concentric contraction, shortening into “protection mode”, leaving the knee completely exposed without ANY ability to absorb shock and thus the ACL injury was the outcome. His strength, size and speed had ZERO ability to play any factor in preventing this injury because the signal from the brain to the muscles to turn on fast enough were impeded by scar tissue and inflammation and UNTIL that neurological origin was treated, all the rest, ice, compression, elevation, surgery and stim in the world would NOT fix this issue. After an ACL surgery, however, using the ARP Wave System we are able to go in, find that neurological disconnect(s) to get the muscle(s) firing properly again and once we do, a hit to Adrian Peterson’s knee would have a DIFFERENT outcome. The muscles would IMMEDIATELY go into eccentric contraction (lengthen) and the force would be absorbed, taking it away from the knee and PREVENTING the ACL tear all together. Again… it is NOT physiological… but NEUROLOGICAL. Unfortunately, physical therapy and training rooms focus on the where the injury ended up leaving the origin untreated. Our treatment solves this issue!


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